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The NCS Platform

The NCS Platform amplifies the opportunity to serve high-risk businesses with greater confidence, insight, and cost-efficiency. Our unique offering provides regulatory agencies and financial institutions alike with the tools they need to prevent fraud and reduce the risk of criminal activity.

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Collect & Analyze

Learning Capabilities

The NCS Platform is a learning machine, constantly integrating, consuming and understanding new sources of data. It is continuously being tuned and refined by an expert team of analysts who apply their diverse perspectives and expertise. The NCS Platform approaches problems from a variety of different angles to return the highest quality insights.

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Monitor & Alert

Near Real-Time

The NCS Platform actively monitors and evaluates data streams as they flow into the system. Our team’s experience along with the platform’s capabilities allows us to discover new trends and patterns as they occur. Notifications and alerts are provided to our clients enabling them to quickly respond to potential issues in near real-time, not when it is too late.

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Report & Predict

Actionable Reports

Our platform distills hundreds of millions of data points into actionable information and digestible reports. The NCS Month End Report contains a financial analysis, description of market trends as well as Know-Your-Customer alerts so clients can make educated decisions by looking at the translated data. What used to be thousands of pages of information is now in a clear format. Our reports have been designed to quickly highlight and alert clients to any issues that may otherwise go undetected.

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