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The Importance of Different Data Streams

by Adam Crabtree, 9/2/20

In an ideal world, you could look at the same activity through different data sets and get to the same result, but sadly that is the exception rather than the rule. Inconsistencies could be a result of something simple, like subtle differences in reporting mechanisms or absent-minded mistakes. A more sinister root cause could be complex nefarious schemes built to achieve certain ends. We have seen the gambit over the years, and we aren’t alone. Recently, the City and County of Denver released an audit that cited multiple occurrences of different sales numbers being reported to Denver and the State of Colorado.

Because of this common discrepancy, the NCS Platform looks across as many streams as possible (Track-and-Trace, POS, Bank, Taxes, Utilities, etc.). We study the data and apply advanced analytics to draw out the subtle differences so we can alert you as they occur. It’s our goal to keep you on the cutting edge, and it drives us to search for and add new and exciting sources to keep you on the cutting edge.

About the Author:
Adam Crabtree

Adam is the Founder and CEO of NCS Analytics, Inc (NCS), headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Adam began his career in banking and was managing sales, operations, and compliance with... more