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Taming the Data Monster

by Sharon Hanger, 10/28/20

It starts out as a trickle…information that you need to collect about your clients, constituents, applicants, or others. It may be for regulatory purposes, for reporting purposes, for review and approval purposes. It starts to grow as there are more and more sources…as policies change, as markets expand, as new information is required to keep up. The trickle is now a deluge. It has become a DATA MONSTER! How do you make sense of it? How do you know what is important and what is just noise?

NCS Analytics provides the platform and tools that help you control the DATA MONSTER. We have built our analytic engine to recognize and handle data coming from multiple sources. Our engine’s algorithms evaluate and flag inconsistencies for compliance such as high cure time for a harvest, missing data, or unusual sales. It provides reports and dashboards that allow users to hone in potential issues before they become problems. NCS customers can then use this information during interactions with operators to assist in validating their compliance status or reviewing the status of a licensee. NCS turns the DATA MONSTER into an actionable, tame source of information.

About the Author:
Sharon Hanger

Sharon brings over 20 years of experience in the software and consulting industries to NCS.  Sharon started her career as a business analyst and found she had a knack for... more