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Reports from New Mexico’s seed-to-sale tracking system…. photo
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Reports from New Mexico’s seed-to-sale tracking system….

by Adam Crabtree, 5/26/17

Why is a compliance component necessary, along with seed-to-sale tracking?

At Nationwide Compliance Specialists (NCS) we use our proprietary advanced analytics tool to identify concerning trends in real-time, catch bad actors, keep communities safe, and identify sustainable solutions to ensure clients are both compliant and protected. Not to mention – compliance efforts also help states capture revenue.

It’s not about being “for” or “against” legalization – it’s about ensuring states and local governments are advised on best practice.

Yes, the differences flagged in the seed-to-sale tracking system could be simple mistakes; however, without proper data analytics, we’ll continue to see discrepancies like these plaguing cash-intensive businesses. Moving forward, advanced data analytics are vital. NCS’s work supports good government and combats financial and public safety risks stemming from the black and gray markets.

Bottom line: Compliance and seed-to-sale tracking are not mutually exclusive.

New Mexico MMJ tracking system shows discrepancies

About the Author:
Adam Crabtree

Adam is the Founder and CEO of NCS Analytics, Inc (NCS), headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Adam began his career in banking, managing sales, operations, and compliance with a Tier 1... more