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Environmental Impact on Outdoor Grow Operations

by Dani Berger, 10/7/20

Skys throughout the West Coast have been filled with smoke the past several weeks and months. At the height of the smoke, the sun was nearly completely blocked out in parts of the country.

For cannabis cultivators with outdoor grow operations, this could mean significant changes in their product and process for their current and upcoming harvests.

Sunlight is a critical factor in outdoor cultivation. Significant time without adequate light could result in plants not fully developing, as well as decreased yields. Poor air quality may also have an effect on the quality of the end product.

These conditions could push some cultivators to adjust the timing of when they harvest their plants. As fall quickly approaches, waiting in hopes of getting larger plants may result in the risk of frost, while harvesting “on time” could mean less product than initially planned. It’s possible this could also result in changes in supply and cultivator’s ability to meet demand, which could affect pricing.

The NCS Platform captures operator data at every point of the process. If these things impacted operators in your area, the NCS Platform would help you glean important information and trends as they are happening in your jurisdiction.

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Dani Berger

Dani attended Iowa State University, where she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, with minors in journalism, communications and sociology. Her career has spanned across finance, technology... more