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Supply Chain Challenges Impacting the Cannabis Industry’s Growth photo

Supply Chain Challenges Impacting the Cannabis Industry’s Growth

by Michael McDermott, 3/7/22

The good news is the cannabis industry is growing in terms of new states legalizing medical and recreation use and consumer usage, even through the COVID-19 pandemic. This growth translates into more facilities and jobs. However, the timing of this growth is during a unique restarting of a global economy and supply chain. The ability to keep pace under the current constraints and increasing costs requires an understanding of the supply chain and proper planning to navigate. Since the term “supply chain” has multiple meanings, I am specifically referring to the “traditional” operational supply... Read More >
The Pros and Cons of Soil and Hydroponic Grows photo

The Pros and Cons of Soil and Hydroponic Grows

by Leigh-Ann Bradley, 8/25/21

Cannabis cultivators consider several factors to achieve a high yield and THC levels out of their harvests. Things like the amount of water used, nutrients added, and the amount of sunlight provided must be calculated and perfected to ensure a consistent, usable product. There are two main strategies most cultivators use to grow cannabis: soil or hydroponic growing. Hydroponic growing utilizes water instead of soil. When using a hydroponic growing technique, another grow medium is used to keep the plant upright, and the plants' roots are exposed directly to water. Let's break down the differences and similarities... Read More >
Covid’s Impact on the Cannabis Industry photo

Covid’s Impact on the Cannabis Industry

by Nick Purdom, 7/19/21

Every industry has felt the effects of COVID-19 over the 15 months, and the cannabis industry is no exception. In the first weeks after the virus was declared a global pandemic, there was widespread uncertainty about what was to come. Panic buying ensued for items including food, toilet paper, and even cannabis products. While the slight uptick in sales was great, business owners were left in a state of flux. Were their businesses going to have to close for an unforeseeable amount of time? What would they do with all their product? Fortunately, in nearly every... Read More >
The Benefit of Multiple Data Sources photo

The Benefit of Multiple Data Sources

Isaac Freitas, 4/14/21

In addition to the already established data feeds, the NCS Platform can incorporate data from state-mandated reporting systems, data submitted directly from operators, third-party API submissions by point-of-sale vendors, financial records, and tax information. Capturing data from multiple sources provides the flexibility to include pertinent information for each regulatory need. Each of these data sources is integrated into the NCS Platform to give a comprehensive view of the licensed businesses. In states with a mandatory state-reporting system, such as METRC or BiotrackTHC, governments, and financial institutions can... Read More >
Quality Assurance the NCS Way photo

Quality Assurance the NCS Way

Isaac Freitas, 4/7/21

Bringing insight to licensee data takes developing top-level reports and ensuring the validity and quality of data from the moment it arrives. NCS receives data from various sources, and each piece of data goes through a series of checkpoints before it is displayed in the NCS Platform. Upon receipt, the data's quality is checked to ensure that the correct fields have been included with no vital information missing. This includes checking to see if necessary fields such as sales dates, transfer times, or package labels are present. ... Read More >
How Long is Too Long?: Cannabis Shelf Life photo

How Long is Too Long?: Cannabis Shelf Life

by Mark Nassi, 3/31/21

Think about the pantry or spice rack in your home. Do you have any products or spices you don't know exactly how old they are? I'm guilty of this, so I assume others are as well. In my family, the garlic, basil, and oregano get cycled pretty well. But I couldn't tell you how old the marjoram, mustard or carraway is. Would I ever use those again? Probably. I'm not exactly America's Top Chef™. I am a gardener, though. I love harvesting my vegetables and herbs and... Read More >
Planning, Improving and Evolving With Agile Development photo

Planning, Improving and Evolving With Agile Development

by Dani Berger, 3/24/21

Imagine you just purchased a home. It's nearly new, but there are still several improvements and refinements you'd like to make. As time passes, the list is continuously changing and evolving. Before long, it seems that you are constantly working on a project and planning for the next. Continually making home improvements is not that much different from using the agile development process to enhance the NCS Platform. The NCS Platform is a web-based application, and our team of developers and analysts are always hard at work... Read More >
The Effect of Big Data photo

The Effect of Big Data

by Paige Reimers, 3/10/21

The term "Big Data" often brings notions of the more, the better. But as the volume and the number of available datasets have grown over the last two decades, the consumers of Big Data have started to feel the ramifications. When big data gets too big, it can become unwieldy; it's too much to review, often unorganized, or doesn't have analytical power to evaluate it. One of the original definitions of Big Data (Gartner, 2001) is "data that contains greater variety arriving in increasing volumes... Read More >
Modeling Snow Forecasts: Is There A Superior Method? photo

Modeling Snow Forecasts: Is There A Superior Method?

by Will Krebs, 3/3/21

Looks like this year’s La Niña dry weather pattern isn’t going to be ruining anybody’s ski season. Last weekend, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort saw upwards of 30 inches of snow, leading to some incredible days to ski there. Unfortunately, I have been sidelined with a fractured kneecap and torn MPFL, but for anyone who had the foresight to plan for it, the weekend of 2/6 may have been 2021’s best thus far. Skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts are always chasing after those coveted “pow days”. Unless you live within a few miles of a ski resort, you’re most likely... Read More >
Is that deductible? Cost of Goods Sold and 280E photo

Is that deductible? Cost of Goods Sold and 280E

by Mark Nassi, 2/24/21

Let's say I was going to make a simple object like a hand-thrown pot for a plant. You'd need clay, a potter's wheel, some hand tools, a kiln, glaze, and maybe a rack for storage. You'd also need someone to make the pot, fire the pot, and sell the pot (could be the same person, but for this example, let's assume separate people). You'd need a studio space and utilities. Because this pot-making process can't be done in a day, there is a manufacturing progression. You'll have some pots in the... Read More >

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