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Modeling Snow Forecasts: Is There A Superior Method? photo

Modeling Snow Forecasts: Is There A Superior Method?

by Will Krebs, 3/3/21

Looks like this year’s La Niña dry weather pattern isn’t going to be ruining anybody’s ski season. Last weekend, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort saw upwards of 30 inches of snow, leading to some incredible days to ski there. Unfortunately, I have been sidelined with a fractured kneecap and torn MPFL, but for anyone who had the foresight to plan for it, the weekend of 2/6 may have been 2021’s best thus far. Skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts are always chasing after those coveted “pow days”. Unless you live within a few miles of a ski resort, you’re most likely... Read More >
Is that deductible? Cost of Goods Sold and 280E photo

Is that deductible? Cost of Goods Sold and 280E

by Mark Nassi, 2/24/21

Let's say I was going to make a simple object like a hand-thrown pot for a plant. You'd need clay, a potter's wheel, some hand tools, a kiln, glaze, and maybe a rack for storage. You'd also need someone to make the pot, fire the pot, and sell the pot (could be the same person, but for this example, let's assume separate people). You'd need a studio space and utilities. Because this pot-making process can't be done in a day, there is a manufacturing progression. You'll have some pots in the... Read More >
The Magic Of An API photo

The Magic Of An API

by Dani Berger, 2/17/21

By now, you're probably familiar with NCS, and know we ingest hundreds of millions of data points every day, but have you ever wondered how we do it? The NCS Analytics Engine is set up to take in a wide array of data types from various sources. The most common way we receive data is through an API. What is an API, you ask? Great question! The word API stands for Application Programming Interface. It's a link that allows two applications, or software, to send and receive information. It works behind... Read More >
Cultivation Deep Dive: What is a plant batch anyway? photo

Cultivation Deep Dive: What is a plant batch anyway?

by Isaac Freitas, 2/10/21

Plant batches are a mechanism to record the cultivation processes of CRBs for the track-and-trace system and are required by law in most jurisdictions. A plant batch is a group of cannabis plants started simultaneously, often legally required to be of the same strain. Plants organized into a batch often come from the same starting method, such as planting seeds or clones from other cannabis plants. This makes it easy for the cultivators to know where plants are in the growth cycle and makes it straightforward for regulators to see plants' current status in a... Read More >
Know Your Portfolio with Ongoing Monitoring photo

Know Your Portfolio with Ongoing Monitoring

by Paige Reimers, 2/3/21

Any financial institution looking to start a cannabis banking program should first review their due diligence (or know-your-customer) programs. Many existing CRB programs across the country succeed by partnering with their state or local governments and their BSA (or compliance) teams to provide the highest level of transparency, but not without the legwork of establishing reliable procedures. While the initial steps of any compliance program start with preliminary customer due diligence, many times, consistent, ongoing monitoring falls by the wayside because it can be overly time-consuming. ... Read More >
How Much Did I Sell Last Month? photo

How Much Did I Sell Last Month?

by Mark Nassi, 1/27/21

Reporting periods in accounting can be distinctly complicated and are typically left to accountants to handle. For example, Balance Sheets are a snapshot at a point in time, usually the end of a month, quarter, or year while an Income Statement is the reporting over some time, such as the "month of" or "last year." Straight forward conceptually, but it can be quite tricky and different depending on each industry's standards. Using real estate development as an example, say you are a developer building a house. When... Read More >
The Power of Predictive Analytics: Is it always enough? photo

The Power of Predictive Analytics: Is it always enough?

by Will Krebs, 1/18/21

Many expected an Alabama victory in the College Football Championship Game on Monday, but the 52-24 blowout win we witnessed over Ohio State was more decisive than any sportsbook had predicted. Personally, I was securely in the camp of believers who expected a close game, perhaps even an upset. Pre-game betting lines expected Nick Saban’s team to win by around 8 points, quite far off from the actual 28-point margin. 2020 has been a unique year for college football, with Ohio State playing about half the number of games in a normal schedule, so some... Read More >
Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive…Oh my! photo

Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive…Oh my!

by Sharon Hanger, 1/13/21

If you search for the definition of analytics, it comes out something like this…Analytics is the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics.  Let’s add to that… which is used to interpret and/or communicate patterns in data.  There, that makes it much clearer.  Doesn’t it?  Analytics turns patterns and data into information that can be used to inform decision making.  There are 3 main types of data analytics that are used in business to make sense of the mountains of data that is collected - Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive.  Descriptive analytics is the interpretation of historical data to show what has happened... Read More >
Schedule Classifications and the MORE Act photo

Schedule Classifications and the MORE Act

by Dani Berger, 12/9/20

In 1970, the Controlled Substances Act established U.S. Federal drug policy to regulate the manufacture, import, possession, use, and distribution of certain substances. The Act created five classifications that substances would fall under based on their potential for abuse and perceived medical use. A Schedule 1 classification is the most restrictive category, containing drugs the Federal government deemed as having no medical value and a high potential for abuse. On Friday, December 4th, 2020, the House of Representatives passed the MORE Act (H.R.3884). This bill decriminalizes marijuana, specifically removing it from... Read More >
Big Data, Dialed In photo

Big Data, Dialed In

by Will Krebs, 11/25/20

Big data is only as powerful as the insights that can be extrapolated from it. That’s why, here at NCS Analytics, we are always busy making sure that the alerts we deliver to our clients are as accurate and meaningful as possible. Millions of data points are distilled down into the processes which create every one of our alerts. Access to larger, more complete datasets allows us to understand better the real-life procedures and actions that create the data. For example, retail markets are extremely complex and require a vast amount of data to accurately... Read More >

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