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Analytics Spotlight: Package Quantity

by Paige Reimers, 10/14/20

Package Quantity alerts occur and display in the NCS Platform when, according to the data source, an inventory package has a negative remaining quantity. For example, a package of gummy bears initially started with 100, has been sold from, and now reportedly has -10 left (meaning 110 total were sold). How is that possible, you ask? Good question.

There are some potentially reasonable explanations for this flag to appear. If retail locations have multiple packages of the same exact product, they may not notice they are using an incorrect label to attribute products sold. So while they may actually have the inventory that was sold, they are inappropriately using a package or product labels to keep track of that inventory.

The NCS Platform is able to detect inconsistencies and anomalies in the data, alerting you to situations that may be abnormal. If this type of activity was happening in your jurisdiction, you would be alerted and able to follow up with operators quickly.

About the Author:
Paige Reimers

At NCS, Paige oversees the product team, business operations, as well as client and staff onboarding. She started her career in compliance and operations at both retail and commercial financial... more