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Adam Crabtree


Adam is the Founder and CEO of NCS Analytics, Inc (NCS), headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Adam began his career in banking and was managing sales, operations, and compliance with a Tier 1 bank when he noticed the inherent flaws and the systemic disconnect between banks and their local or state regulators. Using his background and acumen in banking, he developed a patent-pending predictive analytical algorithm-based system capable of aggregating and analyzing tens of millions of data points that transform into clear, concise, detailed reports.

This system, the NCS Platform, has allowed him to work collaboratively with state or local officials, as well as financial institutions across the country. Adam has extensive knowledge on a wide range of topics and has shared his expertise with all levels of government as well as the banking industry. He is a proud three-time graduate of the University of Colorado (BA, MBA, MSF).

To see the latest updates from Adam, please visit his Twitter profile.