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Month: August 2022

All About Artificial Intelligence photo

All About Artificial Intelligence

by Will Krebs, 8/26/22

Articles about artificial intelligence are published daily online and in the media with promises to revolutionize industries, automate tasks, and (occasionally) act violently toward humans. Recently, AI has evolved to a higher level of ability in emulating human traits like creativity and language processing. As AI relates to creativity, an AI model named Dall-E (now Crayion) took the internet by storm, generating artwork based on a text prompt. The resultant pieces range from... Read More >
Unique Conditions of Cannabis Track and Trace photo

Unique Conditions of Cannabis Track and Trace

by Michael McDermott, 8/18/22

The requirement to track products across the supply chain from seed to final sale exists in highly regulated industries such as food, pharmaceutical, alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis. Track and Trace systems aim to achieve two main objectives: Protect consumer health and safety with the ability to recall products. To comply with rules and regulations and provide transparency of transactions across the supply chain. Different track and trace systems are developed for each industry's unique requirements. However, the main difference in the cannabis industry from the other industries is the lack of consistent regulations across legal markets. Each state can... Read More >
EVENT: PBC Conference Sept. 7 & 8 photo

EVENT: PBC Conference Sept. 7 & 8

by Jensen Pindell, 8/4/22

NCS Analytics upcoming event schedule for September starts with the PBC Conference! Come meet up with us on the road! Michael McDermott will be attending the PBC Conference September 7-8 in Washington DC. If you have any questions or want to connect before, you can contact us via email at or schedule a one-on-one meeting with Michael here.   ... Read More >

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