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Month: November 2020

Big Data, Dialed In photo

Big Data, Dialed In

by Will Krebs, 11/25/20

Big data is only as powerful as the insights that can be extrapolated from it. That’s why, here at NCS Analytics, we are always busy making sure that the alerts we deliver to our clients are as accurate and meaningful as possible. Millions of data points are distilled down into the processes which create every one of our alerts. Access to larger, more complete datasets allows us to understand better the real-life procedures and actions that create the data. For example, retail markets are extremely complex and require a vast amount of data to accurately... Read More >
The Value of Agile Development photo

The Value of Agile Development

Isaac Freitas, 11/4/20

The NCS team is dedicated to consistently bringing our clients new, exciting enhancements and features to the NCS Platform. Researching new analytic measures and adding new reporting features requires coordination across the whole company. NCS Analytics has adopted an agile development process that integrates everyone from the executive team to the data analysts. Agile development provides accountability and awareness of what each person is working on and ensures projects move forward in a timely manner. Daily stand up meetings provide a short, quick, check-in for all team members to discuss what... Read More >

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