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Key Benefits

  • Greater Efficiency
  • Enhanced Planning
  • Increased Economic Realizations

Governance is hard. There are advantages to using data to facilitate making decisions, evaluate impacts and help deliver on promises.

Greater Efficiency image

Greater Efficiency

Budgets are constrained now more than ever, so it’s crucial to have the right tools to deploy limited resources in the most effective manner possible. By implementing a reg-tech solution like the NCS Platform, agencies will be more efficient with their time and can do the work they were elected to do while having the tools to support their goals. For example, public safety initiatives surrounding high-risk or cash-intensive industries can be assessed and actioned within minutes rather than having to jump through hurdles. 

Enhanced Planning image

Enhanced Planning

Regulation can have long-lasting implications for the communities they serve. Combining data-driven decisions with enhanced evaluation tools builds a stronger regulatory framework, which benefits the community.


Increased Economic Realizations image

Increased Economic Realizations

Combining efficiency and planning ensures that regulatory agencies can collect and realize revenue expectations with confidence. Agencies know what to expect from their licensees based on displays within the NCS Platform.

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