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Key Benefits

  • NextGen Tools
  • Stronger Results
  • Increased Transparency

Traditionally High-Risk Clients and Cash-Intensive-Businesses need accounts, and with NCS, you can confidentially provide them.

NCS helps financial institutions prevent illicit funds from remaining in deposit accounts. Reducing the workload of cannabis compliance bankers results in greater efficiency and the ability to keep more cannabis businesses in line with federal regulations.

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NextGen Tool

The NCS Platform provides the tools you need to manage your high-risk portfolio responsibly. The Platform features near-real-time monitoring, alerts, notifications and detailed, actionable reports.  Ensuring that you have what you need to make the decisions that best fit you and your institution’s goals.

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Stronger Results

Providing your team with our Platform gives them the edge they need to manage portfolios efficiently and effectively. Utilizing the NCS Platform will improve workflows, allowing your team to spend more time serving your clients, creating better relationships and increasing productivity. You will be able to assist more clients, without compromising the customer experience or the program integrity.

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Increased Transparency

The NCS Platform increases transparency internally and externally. In addition to giving your team a better grasp of your client’s activities, it also allows auditors to understand your program, your risk mitigation strategies, and your commitment to compliance.

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