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Audit Support Services

Key Benefits

  • Transparency
  • Accuracy
  • Automation

NCS helps the Special Auditing community confront the challenges arising from a new, cash-intensive industry.

Not knowing the ins and outs of a developing industry can create compliance issues, unintended risk, and reputational damage. NCS exists to solve these problems by providing advanced technical capabilities, useful data, and accurate predictions. This creates significant cost savings, risk mitigation, and educated dialogue.

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The NCS Platform is an analytics engine and business consulting warehouse providing diverse data to any audit firm. By overlaying existing state systems and utilizing diverse economic data sources, NCS provides firms wishing to supply services to a cash-intensive industry with clear correlations and trends.

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NCS’s robust, proprietary algorithm arms our experts with tens of millions of data points from a variety of sources. The automation of these points allows us to provide key information, enabling audit firms to thoroughly complete their due diligence and ongoing compliance as it relates to their high-risk programs.

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The NCS Platform delivers comprehensive information and insights based on tens of millions of data points using pattern recognition, predictive algorithms and in-depth data analysis. It arms special audit firms with precise and digestible data critical to performing necessary inspections.

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