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API User Support

This support page is dedicated to 3rd party approved vendors, integrated with the NCS API. We will post bulletin updates, how to guides and commonly asked questions here. If you need additional assistance, or would like information on how to become an approved vendor with NCS, please contact our team at


Updates and changes will be made to the API from time to time. As new functions are implemented, the NCS team will post updates here to be sure all integrators have to most up to date information and resources.

NCS Analytics API Bulletin #3 (released 04/30/2019)

NCS Analytics API Bulletin #2 (released 02/27/2019)

NCS Analytics API Bulletin #1 (released 01/15/2019)


Our team has crafted an in-depth API resource guide to walk users through the entire integration process from getting started, to which fields are required in each payload.

NCS Analytics JSON API Guide


We complied a few of our most commonly asked questions and their answers here. If you have further questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

How do I connect to the API?

In order to securely connect to our API, your IP address must be whitelisted. If you are an approved 3rd party vendor, the NCS team will ask for some basic information to get you established in our system so your IP address can be whitelisted.

What can I expect once my IP Address is whitelisted?

Once you have provided your IP address, you will receive confirmation that your IP address is whitelisted. At that time, you will also be provided a key to the API sandbox environment. Upon successful integration to the NCS API, you will receive a set of assessments from the NCS team. The assessments validate that the API is working correctly and that you are able to successfully complete calls.

My assessments have been successfully completed. What’s next?

After successfully completing the assessments, NCS will administer a key to the production environment.

I am having trouble connecting to the API.

It is possible your IP address has not been whitelisted. Please contact the NCS team.

If you require additional assistance please contact

Contact us for more information