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NCS enables our clients to realize safety, security, and economic benefits, all through the power of our data analytics platform. We provide comprehensive solutions that gather, collect, and analyze information from an increasing number of data sources.

NCS was founded by Adam Crabtree (CEO) in response to the opportunity created from the legalization of cannabis in the State of Colorado. Early on, we recognized the implications of companies not openly interacting with the financial institutions and governmental agencies and the ramifications this causes.

We believe that by bringing the financial industry together with government agencies, we can enlighten both groups with the knowledge and skills to strengthen our communities.

Our solutions bring a new level of refinement and reliable data to traditionally high-risk industries. They create a meaningful conversation between the financial and regulatory sectors and helps reduce risk, increase revenue realization, and enhance public safety.

Leadership Team

Adam Crabtree photo

Adam Crabtree

CEO & Founder

Adam is the Founder and CEO of NCS Analytics, Inc (NCS), headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Adam began his career in banking, managing sales, operations, and compliance with a Tier 1 bank. It was here that he recognized the inherent flaws and the systemic disconnect between banks, state government, and the cannabis industry. Using his background and acumen in banking, he developed the NCS Platform, a patent-pending predictive analytical algorithm-based system capable of aggregating and analyzing tens of millions of data points that are then transformed into clear, concise, detailed reports.

This solution has given him the opportunity to work collaboratively with state officials as well as financial institutions in Colorado and California. He’s been a guest speaker or conducted training to the California Assembly, Alaska Bar Association, State Board of Equalization, Native Nation Conferences and numerous elected officials spanning from Hawaii to Massachusetts. Adam is a proud three-time graduate of the University of Colorado (BA, MBA, MSF), and currently serves as a member of the Track and Trace Advisory Board for the State of Colorado.

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Lew Wilks photo

Lew Wilks

Executive Chairman

Lew is the Senior Managing Partner for Bright Peaks Venture Capital and Executive Chairman at NCS. His focus is on the development and support of early stage, high growth companies. His past experience includes Chief Strategy Officer at Qwest Communications, President of GTE Communications Corp, as well as numerous other management, sales, marketing, and technical experiences. Lew began his career as a software engineer in the computing and communications sectors. He holds a B.S. from University of Central Missouri in Public Relations and Computer Science.

Mark Nassi photo

Mark Nassi

Founder and CFO

Mark has a 17-year career spanning across technology, public accounting, and financial services. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of California-Davis as well as a Masters in Accounting from the University of Colorado-Denver. He co-founded NCS with Adam Crabtree in 2015. Mark is a Colorado-licensed CPA and an avid fisherman.

Paige Reimers photo

Paige Reimers

VP of Operations

Paige started her career in sales, compliance, and operations at both retail and commercial banks. There she learned the importance both of risk management and KYC (know-your-customer) and saw firsthand the time and effort it takes a banker on average to complete CDD (customer due diligence) and maintain a healthy banker-to-client relationship. She currently is the VP of Operations for NCS. Paige manages the areas of marketing, PR, operational support, client and staff onboarding, as well as product development. She is originally from Lincoln, Nebraska and received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Isaac Freitas photo

Isaac Freitas

Senior Data Analyst

Isaac is a doctoral candidate with Tulane University’s City, Culture, and Community Ph.D. program with a focus on Sociology. He earned Bachelor degrees in Sociology and Economics as well as an M.A. in Sociology from Colorado State University, located in the beautiful city of Fort Collins, Colorado. Isaac has expertise in quantitative and computational research methods and continues to develop technical skills using R, Python, and Excel, using whatever tool is best for the job.

Katie Orong photo

Katie Orong

Marketing and Communications Manager

Katie has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and graduated Cum Laude from Arizona State University in 2015. Upon realizing that she still had far more to learn, she enrolled at the University of Denver and obtained her Masters in International and Intercultural Communication in 2018. She has previous experience with branding for nationwide companies as well as non-profit and small business experience. She hopes to continue her career in public relations for the technology sector.

Adam Zukowski photo

Adam Zukowski

Data Analyst

Adam is currently in his junior year of his undergraduate studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. He is working toward a Bachelor’s degree in physics with a minor in statistics. Upon graduation, he hopes to pursue a career in data science. His skill sets in SQL will be put to use at NCS as a data analyst intern where he will be looking at dynamic data sets covering everything from socioeconomic and census data to complex track and trace data. He has a proficient knowledge in Python, Java, Mathmatica, Photoshop, Powerpoint, and Excel.

Jason Adams photo

Jason Adams

Data Analyst

Jason is a Ph.D. student in the Statistics department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Southern Utah University and a Masters degree in Statistics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He has a wide range of experience in statistical modeling and computation, including proficiency with R, Python, C, C++, Java, Mathematica, SQL, and Linux.

Evan Bumann photo

Evan Bumann

Data Analyst

Evan is originally from Lincoln, Nebraska, where he earned both his Bachelor’s and Master of Science degrees in Natural Resources from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His background extends to many areas of biological and environmental sciences and data analytics. Evan’s experience in geolocation software, such as Esri ArcGIS, along with his data language cognition adds a unique perspective to NCS’s research and development team and will further the advanced analytics NCS is working on. Evan is a retired boxer and MMA fighter who now spends his free time snowboarding, hiking, camping, paddle boarding, river tubing, and mountainboarding. When he isn’t enjoying life in the outdoors, he competes within North American Diving Dogs with his Labrador: Duckdawg’s Ultra Rad Party Pup Juniper.

Sharon Hanger photo

Sharon Hanger

Product and Business Development Consultant

Sharon brings over 20 years of experience in the software and consulting industries to NCS.  Sharon started her career as a business analyst and found she had a knack for translating business needs into technical reality.  She moved from analyst to project manager to Product Manager where she has used that talent for translation to help multiple companies bring their ideas to market.  Sharon’s prior experience includes VP of Product Management for Netcordant, Director of Professional Services for Metastorm (OpenText), Advisor to Arternal, and Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton.   Sharon now uses her product and operational experience to advise and guide NCS in the continued enhancement of the analytics platform.

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