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Our patent-pending predictive analytics engine sits atop one of the most diverse data sets in the industry. NCS provides comprehensive data solutions that aggregate, analyze and report information from diverse data streams. We allow financial institutions and governmental agencies of all levels to discover and recognize economic improvements, security, efficiency, and revenue opportunities surrounding traditionally high-risk industries.

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Government and Regulatory

NCS works with Government & Regulatory agencies at all levels to provide better insight, information, and efficiencies. By partnering with NCS, Officials can expect to see reduced risk, enhanced public safety and greater returns on investments from new and existing programs.

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Financial Institutions

The NCS Platform is the most comprehensive tool on the market today for high-risk detection. We help financial institutions verify the source of customer deposits in order to reduce the risk of toxic funds. See how your institution can bank clients confidently.

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Audit Support Services

Special Audit Firms can struggle to work through the mountains of data associated with cash-intensive businesses. Explore how our team and dynamic platform can save time on your audit process to achieve better results.

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